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31st Mar 2022

Economics 101 - Tanya Talks to Economist Dr. Bill Conerly

Tanya talks to the “economic futurist” about the basics: what is inflation and why do we have it? What is the Fed and what are they up to? And what can we expect in the future?

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TV host, author and attorney Tanya Acker talks to newsmakers, trendsetters, and leaders of every stripe about the forces that drive their decisions and how their choices impact everyone else. How do they move forward in an environment where lies spread faster than truth? How do they see the glass as half full when someone is sucking the liquid out of it with a jumbo straw? When do they know it’s time to take on a battle and when is it time to redirect energy? And how does anyone have any fun in the middle of all this? Join Tanya and her guests as they dig into all.